Mobility Components

We provide important safety parts/components for vehicles with a variety of power sources, such as gasoline-powered vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and electric vehicles, to customers who manufacture automobiles and automobile components.

Power Train Components

  • Fuel injectors
  • Electronic throttle valve gears
  • Motor insulators
  • Motor terminal blocks
  • Chain tensioners
  • Coolant control valves
  • Water pump housings
  • EGR components (bobbins, gears, bypass valve coatings)
  • Fuel filters

Electrical System Components

  • EECU cases
  • Inverters and DC/DC converter terminal blocks
  • Headlight auto-leveling units
  • Power window and power seat housings

Body System Components

  • Wiper blades
  • Wiper and light operation lever switches
  • Door lock actuators
  • Electronic units for smart keys
  • Steering angle sensor magnets

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Contracted development and production of custom equipment (automated equipment, inspection systems, transport equipment, etc.)

Prototype Production

  • Aluminum casting (plaster, sand molds, lost wax)
  • Machined metal parts, processed plastic parts, surface treatments

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