Electronic Components

We provide optimal products and services, with a wide lineup including high-performance materials and machined/processed components, as well as indirect materials and secondary materials used in manufacturing processes, to customers who manufacture electronic parts and devices used in mobile communication devices, home electrical appliances, automobiles and other products.

Functional Materials

Solid and liquid plastic materials
  • Semiconductor sealants
  • High-purity polyimide plastic
  • Heat-radiating plastic
  • Adhesives
Functional films
  • Dicing films
  • Die attach films
  • ACF (Anistropic Conduction Films)
  • Protective films (temporary fastening tape)

Wiring Board Materials

  • PCB materials (general purpose materials, high-performance materials)
  • Photosensitive dry films
  • Solder materials

Secondary Materials

  • Oxygen and moisture free packaging


  • High performance epoxy adhesive

Equipment Jigs and Tools

  • Inspection parts (plastic, ceramic, metal)
  • Wafer grinding carriers
  • Vespel® polyimide material
  • Teflon® coatings
  • Various metal surface treatments
    (HTC Series)

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Semiconductors, dies, general washing equipment
  • Casting die components
  • Fine bubble generator(SIO)
  • Rectifier nozzle

Housing Fixtures and Equipment

We provide optimal products and services, including high-performance materials, processed/machined components, assembled unit components and product design support, to customers who manufacture housing fixtures and equipment, such as water heaters and other residential plumbing equipment/devices, household fuel cells, etc.

Water Heater and
Piping Materials

  • Foamed thermal insulation for piping
  • Plastic three-way valves and joints

Assembled Units

  • Nursing care bed control units
  • Window blind control units

Materials for
Household Fuel Cells

  • Insulating materials
  • Ion-exchange resins

RFID Products

RFID are systems which utilize radio waves to read RF tag data without contacting it. We offer a wide range of products including IC tags, IC cards, reader-writers that read and write RF data, and complete systems.

IC Cards, IC Tags

  • Various IC tags

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