Medical and Precision Devices

Medical Devices

We perform clean-room production of disposable medical devices, and have acquired certification for medical device production from the Thailand FDA, as well as certification as an overseas manufacturer from the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Through the production of components for medical devices, we help patients rejoin society as quickly as possible, reduce working burdens on medical practitioners, and contribute to preventing infections within medical facilities.

Disposable Products

  • Waste fluid bag units
  • Drug administration units

Medical Device Components

  • Machined metal parts, processed plastic parts, surface treatments
  • Cast products
  • 3D formed products

Cupsaneler special waste
box for urine sample cups

Precision Devices

We provide precision components for printers, wristwatches, and instant cameras.
We sell Teflon®-coated products with added sliding and water repellant functions.

Printers and
Multifunction Machines

  • Molded plastic parts
    Covers, gears, levers
  • Teflon® coatings
    Separator claws,
    stamped metal components

Other Products

  • Molded plastic parts
    Operating buttons for wristwatches, mechanical components for instant camera housings

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