Medical and Precision Devices

Medical Devices

We have acquired a medical device manufacturing certificate from the Thailand FDA, as well as a foreign manufacturer accreditation certificate from the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and we offer disposable medical products produced in clean rooms for customers manufacturing medical equipment.

Disposable Products

  • Waste fluid bag units
  • Drug administration units

Medical Device Components

  • Machined metal parts, processed plastic parts, surface treatments
  • Cast products
  • 3D formed products
  • Medical robot parts

Precision Devices

We provide molded plastic parts and Teflon®-coated precision components to customers who manufacture printers, wristwatches, instant cameras, etc.

Printers and
Multifunction Machines

  • Molded plastic parts
    Covers, gears, levers
  • Teflon® coatings
    Separator claws,
    stamped metal components

Other Products

  • Molded plastic parts
    Operating buttons for wristwatches, mechanical components for instant camera housings

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