Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Our company members share a common destiny, with all staff united by goodwill and faith. We are committed to promoting both prosperity for our company and happiness for our staff and associates by creating new value and selling it as widely as possible, so as to repay society for its blessings.

These are our founding principles. They are universal ideas that continue to flow through the foundation of our company.

  • We are a group of people that accept one another and share a common understanding of our goals as we strive to achieve the success of enjoying wonderful lives.
  • We will work to improve our technical abilities and skills, provide products and services that meet customer needs and resolve the issues that they face, and endeavor to improve customer satisfaction.
  • We will continually create new value and increase the reason for our existence in order to be a company that is strong and unbreakable.
  • We will continue to grow through our work so that we can increase the level of happiness both for the company and for its staff and associates.
  • We will always remain thankful that we can be of service to society and will produce new value that helps create prosperous societies.

Management Policy

As a unique, value-creating company, we will continue to provide ideal, high-quality products and services to our customers who are leading the world in manufacturing.

We greatly value all of our stakeholders, and view our employees as a source of strength for our company, and will make it our goal to be a global company with roots in each of our local communities.

Policies indicating “the reason for our company’s being” and “our company ideal = the direction for our efforts”

  • For our customers who are leading the world in manufacturing, we will think of, select, and create products and services that exceed their expectations in order to provide truly unique value and continually support the manufacturing of our customers.
  • We value all our stakeholders including our customers, suppliers, and other businesses that support our company, as well as shareholders, local communities, and employees and their families.
  • We aim to be a company whose employees are a source of strength, supporting one another with superior teamwork, and to be a unique, strong, and dependable company that has roots in each of its local communities.

Code of Conduct

Customer Creed
Think from the customer's prospective and provide the customer with "value plus alpha."
Basic Consciousness
Prize the basics of manufacturing (craftmanship), sales, and work.
Comply with rules and strive to work in a fair manner.
Taking on Challenges
Set high goals and take on the challenge of reaching them.
Be quick in obtaining updated information, quick in action and quick in achieving results.
Share information and knowledge and discuss them thoroughly.

A code that indicates the basis for actions (conduct) at our company

  • We consider all companies and persons who are related to our business to be customers, and will provide an additional margin of added value by delivering dependable quality, strictly observing deadlines, resolving issues and meeting needs, providing valuable ideas and information, and providing quick responses.
  • We will continually challenge ourselves to go forward without fear of failure, work to increase the speed of all operations on a daily basis, maintain close communications, and take action that is accompanied by a clear sense of purpose.

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