(Reviced)Notice regarding supplementary materials for financial results March 2023 Period

We will inform that in the "Supplementary Materials for Financial Results March 2023 Period" posted on May 12, 2023, some of the sales of subsidiaries that should have been aggregated as "Mobility" were incorrectly aggregated as "Electronics."  Therefore, we will correct it as follows.

Please note that this is an error in the calculation of target sales between the two segments, 
and this correction will have no impact on the overall consolidated performance.

■Summary of correction


  Error Correction
Segment Sales 17,353 mJPY 16,854 mJPY
YoY + 4.7 % + 1.7 %
Mar2024 period (forcast) 17,400 mJPY 16,900 mJPY


  Error Correction
Segment Sales 14,837 mJPY 15,337 mJPY
YoY + 13.3 % + 17.1 %
Mar2024 period (forcast) 14,900 mJPY 15,400 mJPY

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