Message for Shareholders and Investors

I would like to express my thanks to all shareholders and investors, as well as all other stakeholders, for the support you have given our company.

The business environment surrounding NIPPO LTD. is continuing to undergo dramatic changes. While the automobile industry is entering a period of great changes, and DX (digital transformation) is accelerating in part due to the effects of the pandemic, at the same time economic activities have been significantly restricted.

For our company and the NIPPO Group, the management issue of greatest priority is determining how to overcome these difficulties and ensure that our company survives. We are now carrying out bold structural reforms that will decide the direction of our future.  When our company faces a crisis such as this one, we have always depended on our fundamental principles (Management Philosophy and Management Policies) and our inherent strengths to overcome the crisis. The company’s inherent strengths are its twin business functions, manufacturing centered on precision plastic molding and sales of parts and materials for industrial applications, as well as its production and sales network spanning Japan and overseas, its system that allows us to take action globally to precisely meet a wide range of customer needs, and its staff and associates who continually and sincerely interact with the customers.

Utilizing the twin supports of our fundamental principles and inherent strengths, all employees of the company will join together to create new business and achieve steady and reliable growth even in a rapidly changing business environment.  I ask for your continued support in the future.

Yasuchika Iwasa, President

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