IR Basic Policies (Disclosure Policy)

IR Basic Policies (Disclosure Policy)

Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

  • We will respond to requests for dialogue from shareholders to the extent and by methods reasonably possible in light of shareholders’ wishes and main topics of interests. Such responses shall be undertaken mainly by the director in charge of investor relations and other IR staff.
  • The director in charge of investor relations will attend individual meetings, hold financial results briefings, and otherwise endeavor to enhance the company’s investor relations activities.
  • The director in charge of investor relations will report to the president as appropriate regarding the views and requests of shareholders and investors, and shall refer to the Board of Directors matters pertaining to the amendment of current plans, regulations, and the like that the president deems necessary.
  • The director in charge of investor relations shall ensure strict information management in accordance with the Insider Information Management Regulations. 

Basic Information Disclosure Standard

We shall disclose information as required under the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and regulations, as well as the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s and the Nagoya Stock Exchange’s (“exchanges”) Timely Disclosure Rules. We shall also disclose information not required under the Timely Disclosure Rules if this is deemed useful and appropriate.

Reference: > Japan Exchange Group (JPX) Timely Disclosure System

Disclosure Methods

We shall disclose information required under the Timely Disclosure Rules via TDnet, the company announcements disclosure service provided by the exchanges, and shall post the information on our website promptly.

Reference: > Japan Exchange Group (JPX) Company Announcements Service

Internal Information Management

We maintain internal regulations pertaining to the management of confidential corporate information and other important information, such regulations stipulating the structure and methods of such management, as well as disclosure and in-house training; and we endeavor to prevent insider trading. To maintain impartiality, we shall refrain from answering questions and making commenting regarding the company’s accounts during the blackout period, which shall commence on the day following the closing of accounts and conclude on the day of financial results announcement. However, if any change pertaining to the company’s accounts that is relevant to the requirements of the Timely Disclosure Rules becomes known during the blackout period, we will release amended results in a timely manner in accordance with such rules.

Forward-looking Statements

Earnings forecasts issued by the company are based on judgments and assumptions made in accordance with information available at the time of disclosure. Actual results may differ materially from forecasts due to changes in economic conditions and other uncertainties such as risks.

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