Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

The NIPPO Group's management philosophy expresses our mission to promote both prosperity for our company and happiness for our staff and associates by creating new value so as to repay society for its blessings.
We have established the following policies as sustainability policies based on our “Compliance Declaration and Code of Conduct,” which we are bound to follow as a good corporate citizen, and commit ourselves through our business activities to enhancing our medium- to long-term corporate value and bringing about a sustainable society in accordance with the SDGs.

  1. Social Policies
    ・We understand and respect the basic human rights guaranteed by Japan's Constitution and the laws and regulations of each individual country, as well as
     the basic human rights stipulated in international guidelines.
    ・We respect every country's
     and region's culture and customs, and we strive to harmonize with and contribute to our local communities in cooperation with our diverse stakeholders.

  2. Environmental Policies

    ・We promote business activities that help protect the global environment and continuously work to improve such activities.
    ・We are proactive in dealing with
     the risks of climate change and strive to reduce CO2 emissions in the process of manufacturing and selling our products and materials

  3. Stakeholder Policies



With our new challenge of "creating and providing unique value," we support our customers' manufacturing businesses, and contribute to technological development and fuller, more convenient lifestyles around the world.



We strive to build relationships as a trusted business partner based on the spirit of fairness and the philosophy of mutual prosperity through free and equitable business dealings.



We adhere to the principle of mutual respect for one another's values and thinking, regardless of nationality, race, gender, age, religion, and other differences. We are committed to creating a workplace environment where employees can work with peace of mind as they take on challenges together, supporting our employees in their aim to build more enriching lives.



We disclose information to our shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriate manner and emphasize constructive dialogue aiming at enhancing medium- to long-term corporate value.

Local Community

As a good corporate citizen with roots in the community, we actively engage in programs that contribute to society.

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