Basic Quality Policy

Basic Quality Policy

Core Philosophy

Recognizing that the provision of safe, high-quality products is one of the most important aspects of business operations, the NIPPO Group will strive to realize this goal, and make a positive contribution to industry and society, through the ongoing improvement of our quality management systems.

Basic Policy

  1. Putting in place the organizational framework needed to implement corporate activities that contribute to the provision of high-quality products and services, and striving for ongoing improvement of such activities.

  2. Complying with quality-related international standards and company regulations, as well as endeavoring to meet stakeholders' expectations.

  3. Setting quality objectives that are in conformity with our Quality Policy.

  4. Implementing quality-related education and awareness-raising, with the aim of raising quality awareness while also sharing our Quality Policy and quality objectives.

  5. Monitoring the effectiveness of the quality management system and implementing ongoing improvements in order to achieve our quality objectives.

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