Environment Policy

Environment Policy

Core Philosophy

Recognizing that the protection of the global environment is one of the most important shared challenges facing all of humanity, the NIPPO Group will fulfill our corporate social responsibility through the continued implementation of business activities that take environmental issues into account.

Basic Policy

  1. Putting in place the organizational framework needed to implement corporate activities that contribute to the protection of the global environment, and striving for ongoing improvement of such activities.
  2. Implementing measures to save energy and other resources, and striving to reduce the amount of waste generated and the use of environmentally-harmful substances.
  3. Complying with environment-related international agreements and with individual countries’environment-related laws and regulations.
  4. Setting environmental objectives that are in conformity with our Environmental Policy. 
  5. Implementing environment-related education and with the aim of raising environmental awareness while also disclosing information about environment-related activities.
  6. Actively promoting environmental protection activities in collaboration with stakeholders.
  7. Taking on the challenge of creating products and manufacturing technologies that make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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