President Message

We aim to be a global yet local company, and which views its employees as a source of strength.

The fundamental goal of Nippo is to “provide unique value and support the manufacturing activities of our world-leading customers.”
Our company has two main functional business areas. The first is our manufacturing functions, which are centered on molding of precision plastics. The second is our trading company functions, which are centered on high-performance production materials. One of the key factors that differentiate our company from its competitors is having a system in place that enables us to meet our customers’ needs flexibly, with great attention to detail, on a global scale.
This feature of our company has been continually developed over the period from the company’s founding to the present day through the combined efforts of all of Nippo’s stakeholders, and in particular our customers. In order to further strengthen this unique feature, we will be making effective use of this system, with its close attention to detail, to realize a strengthening of our trading company function by building a line-up of the latest technologies, materials and services developed both in Japan and overseas. We will also use this system to realize an enhancement of our manufacturing function by further strengthening and upgrading the quality and productivity of our production sites, while also making improvements to our design technologies and our peripheral processing system, so that we can supply products as functional units.

I myself will be adopting a “servant leadership” approach, working to put in place the environment needed so that our employees can put their abilities to maximum use, and taking up the challenge of realizing our goal of making Nippo a “global yet local company which views its employees as a source of strength.” I look forward to receiving your continued support in the future.

Yasuchika Iwasa, President

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