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Presidentís Message


Striving to become a first-rate "global yet local company" with steadiness as our watchword

The concept of "creating new value consistently" that forms a core part of our company's management philosophy is reflected in our commitment to providing world-leading customers with high-quality products and services, tailored to their needs, at reasonable prices. By following this approach, we are aiming to "match the company's prosperity with our employees' happiness" to ensure that our employees are able to think and act on behalf of our customers with pride and self-assurance, we are seeking to become a first-class "global yet local company" that takes steadiness and consistency as its motto.

Our strength lies in the way we combine two key functions ー manufacturing of precision plastic moldings, and high-functionality production materials trading company operations ー both in Japan and in international markets, working flexibly to meet customers' needs with great attention to detail, through a business framework that is global in scope, with employees who are sincerely dedicated to supporting our customers.
Making effective use of our flexible organizational structure, we continue to cultivate human talent who possess specialist know-how and experience, so that we can continue to identify new technologies, products and components both within Japan and overseas, and rapidly develop proposals for supplying them to our customers. We are also working to expand our manufacturing functionality, by further strengthening and upgrading the quality and productivity of our production facilities, while also making improvements to our design technology and our peripheral processing system, so that we can supply products as functional units.

We are implementing a "servant leadership" approach to create an environment in which we can hone our existing strengths and exploit these strengths to maximum effect, so as to develop new business areas and maintain steady growth in today's rapidly-changing market environment. We look forward to receiving your continued support in the future.